Thursday, June 19, 2008

what a weekend we have in store...

so yesterday was clay's kindergarten program... he is officially a first grader now! (or so he says) i have to tell you, his teacher is a very special woman... she had a very "active" class of kids this year, and lucky her, they are looping and will all be with her again next year!!! omg! i love the idea of clay in a looping class, but i can't even begin to imagine being the teacher in a looping class! especially when you get such an "active" group for 2 years! well i knew i wanted to give his teacher something very nice to thank her for not killing my child this past year... i thought, who doesn't love purses??? well, hopefully SHE does!
after days and days of telling clay to ask her what her favorite colors were i finally emailed her to find out myself. it turns out she is a red and green fan... which was perfect because i really loved these 2 fabrics and wanted to make this purse for someone good! so, i worked for 2 nights on it... clay let me know that usually i make 2 purses in 1 night, but it took me 2 nights to make 1 purse this time. thanks clay! i made sure to tell him that it is because i wanted to make her purse really, really good. he accepted that answer.
to be quite honest, i LOVE the way it turned out! she'll be lucky if she gets it next week... i may find something else for her and keep it!

well it should be an interesting weekend... gerry is on his way, as i type, to north carolina. he and my brother in law steve are going to the Smoke Out Rally in north carolina to showcase the chopper steve's class at eden built. check out the eden site... it's too cool! steve's tech classes at eden actually built a chopper in class... then they took it to a competition in missouri and won first place!!! look at the site, it's super cool!

well, here's to hoping i can be productive this weekend with the kids... ok, let's be honest... i'm really just hoping to make it through the weekend without beating them or running away! wish me luck! :)

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