Thursday, April 30, 2009

beach pics... then i'm done with vacation posts

so yeah, my kids are playing in the sand with a coors light can.


i have no clever caption.
clay HAD to get a boogie board... he thought he was the man!
chip loved it too!

clay used this sand pile as a dirt bike jump... i know, shocking...
clay's favorite thing to do was to try and fight the waves... he never won
chip just ran and ran and ran...

and this is the picture that i sent to my friends and family wishing them a happy good friday (as it was snowing at home!) yeah... i'm mature.

pool pictures

so the date on this picture is a bit off... but oh, to be at the pool again...
and this is why chip started swimming lessons yesterday...
NO fear of the water...
clay LOVES it too... they cried everyday when we had to get out.

yeah, i don't have much to say about the pool other than it was warm and i wish i was still there.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a busy weekend (kind of told backwards)

so i actually made something again! here is the gardening apron that i made yesterday (thanks to tina's tutoring). there are 3 big pockets on the front, and you can wrap it around and tie it in the front, or tie it in the back... whatever you choose!

here is the palm tree apron i made for my aunt in florida... she loves palm trees!

this is the new rag quilt (that tina also tutored me on) that i made yesterday for my girl ann's new baby. i was a little scared of this project in the beginning... but it turned out to be SO easy! i LOVE the way it turned out and i can't wait to make more! the back is the polka dotted flannel...

this is the front...

we spent some time out at the in law's house... it was so HOT out there! i chased the kids around while the guys were installing the lawn... wow was THAT a project! there were tractors, weird rake contraptions, and a bobcat running all day saturday. sunday there was the hydroseeder going... it was quite the project, but i can't wait to see the results!
apparently it's frog season. the kids caught a zillion of them! chippy was checking them out in the bucket... yeah, he's rocking grace's boots!
here are some of the "double frogs" that the kids caught... uh, yeah.

clay had a birthday party on saturday at chuck e cheese... he thought he was SO COOL! he spiked his hair and was rocking some cologne...

after school on friday when i picked up the renegades, i decided it would be a good idea to take them to tops. it was actually not too bad... notice i bribed them with cookies.

gerry changed my oil after school on friday as well... carter was "fixing mommy's car).

and here is a school paper clay brought home... notice it says "this is a picture showing how i get to school". apparently his bus driver is a maniac!

Friday, April 24, 2009

some more random pictures...

so how cute are these kids? they can be evil, but at least they are cute! this was at dinner one night in john's pass (near madeira beach). we ate at a restaurant right in the marina. while we waited for our dinner, gerry and i took turns walking the kids around to check out the boats.

look at that brotherly love...

this was the day that there was a tornado... not a hurricane, a tornado! i woke up in the morning and saw on the news that there was a tornado warning... i asked my aunt if this was common. she let me know that NO... she had never heard one before! just our luck! didn't end up being a big deal... it ended up being a good day to relax and chill out. the boys were watching a movie on their dvd player...

they have these little steps for their weiner dog to get off the couch... carter thought that these steps were the coolest. it was as if they were made for him to sit and watch tv on... or so he thought!

clay got $20 from his nanny in his easter card to spend on vacation... he bought this sweet bull shark tooth necklace.

and here is gerry with zoe the weiner dog. she LOVED gerry... she would sit in his lap and "sing" to gerry...

this is a picture that i got from dee (our babysitter) one day... we were missed :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the aquarium!

so we spent a day at the aquarium in tampa... it was sweet! here are my boys and my aunt jo at the stingray touch tank.

clay thought he was steve irwin with the stongrays... believe it or not, I actually touched them too. it was pretty cool.

i believe that fish is a redfish. ironic huh? it's not red!

see the moray eel in the tank? they might be my least favorite animal on the planet. they creep me out. i hate them.

i think that this was the only picture that chip would (sort of) pose for. he was quite the "difficult" little animal... and continues to be ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a vacation!!!

so, i have so many pictures from vacation that i think i will break them down into separate posts... sound good? good.
let me just say that this vacation was AWESOME!!! the boys were great in the car... we drove straight through both times (23 hours total) and they never complained. we left at 7pm both times, they chilled for about 2 hours, then passed out for the night. when they woke up in the morning, we put on the dvds and they chilled some more. when we stopped, they didn't complain about getting back in the car (although i occasionally did). they rocked.
now that we are back, we are working on potty training... he loves peeing. oh yeah, and at my aunt's house (who we stayed with) one day gerry was packing up the car to go to the beach, and carter came to him naked and handed him a diaper... he had taken it off, pooped in the neighbor's yard, and brought the still clean diaper back to gerry and told him that he had pooped... gerry wasn't happy to have to clean up after our dog- i mean carter. i think of it as, at least he doesn't want it in his diaper anymore! one step closer to potty training right?

this was one of our pit stops...

chip likes driving things...

this is how i felt coming home from vacation. didn't want to come back.

Friday, April 3, 2009

peace out cold weather...

so i got a pedicure and some new shoes... vacation here i come!
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