Saturday, July 18, 2009

busy summer so far...

so this summer we have only done a tiny bit of boating... because the weather has not exactly cooperated... this weather needs to get itself together... I WANT TO BOAT!!!

GARDEN UPDATE: here is the side of the garden gerry planted...

and here is mine! i can taste those green beans already! :)

i bought myself a (pink) fishing pole, and actually got myself a fishing license!!!

the same day i got the license and pole, we went down the street and fished in a friend's pond. i became incredibly competitive with clay when he told me that my stupid pink pole wouldn't catch any fish... he won, 11-9. i was pissed!

and i got a new tattoo... it is the letters c (clayton) g (gerry) and c (carter). most people do not see the g... it's a kinda funky font. i love it! and it's pink! (once it heals it will be)
we went to see kid rock at darien lake...
needless to say, we had a good time! ;)

the people building the house across the street from us demolished our mailbox... but by the next afternoon, the trucking company had fixed/remade it and it was as good as new!

and tonight i have been super busy... i fixed the light/fan in our room

and i made some sticky buns (courtesy of barefoot contessa)

mmm... oooooooooooooooooooh yeah! i have eaten 2 already!

and then i got 22 of the 100 key fobs done for my girl courtney's wedding shower august 1st. as soon as the rest of my supplies come in, i will whip out the rest!
now, i'm going to relax and watch "marley and me"... and probably eat another sticky bun! ;)
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