Saturday, July 18, 2009

busy summer so far...

so this summer we have only done a tiny bit of boating... because the weather has not exactly cooperated... this weather needs to get itself together... I WANT TO BOAT!!!

GARDEN UPDATE: here is the side of the garden gerry planted...

and here is mine! i can taste those green beans already! :)

i bought myself a (pink) fishing pole, and actually got myself a fishing license!!!

the same day i got the license and pole, we went down the street and fished in a friend's pond. i became incredibly competitive with clay when he told me that my stupid pink pole wouldn't catch any fish... he won, 11-9. i was pissed!

and i got a new tattoo... it is the letters c (clayton) g (gerry) and c (carter). most people do not see the g... it's a kinda funky font. i love it! and it's pink! (once it heals it will be)
we went to see kid rock at darien lake...
needless to say, we had a good time! ;)

the people building the house across the street from us demolished our mailbox... but by the next afternoon, the trucking company had fixed/remade it and it was as good as new!

and tonight i have been super busy... i fixed the light/fan in our room

and i made some sticky buns (courtesy of barefoot contessa)

mmm... oooooooooooooooooooh yeah! i have eaten 2 already!

and then i got 22 of the 100 key fobs done for my girl courtney's wedding shower august 1st. as soon as the rest of my supplies come in, i will whip out the rest!
now, i'm going to relax and watch "marley and me"... and probably eat another sticky bun! ;)


Anonymous said...

Didn't you guys go to the "Burgerfest" in Hamburg?

Why doesn't Andre go fishing with you?

Where has "The Pig Farmer" been? That fella owes me 20 bucks and your husband 10 bucks!

Anonymous said...

When are you guys going to jump on the back of a Yamaha and just punch it?

Go for a ride around Western New York... just you, Gerry and the bike!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the photos from the big party @ Ricky-Annes house?

I want to see pictures of people eating the pig that The Pig Farmer cooked for everyone!

Get on the ball lady!!!

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