Saturday, August 23, 2008

did i say i was back in the saddle? i think i lied!

so i guess my saddle isn't attached to my horse... i have done NOTHING when it comes to sewing. the problem is this... i am finally having my summer vacation and i'm trying to cram everything into 2 weeks! let's see...

we went to the fair... clay wanted to eat everything he saw! "can i have some cotton candy?" "can i have some pizza?" "can i have some ice cream? " can i have some pop?" etc. you get the picture. carter just sat in his stroller in amazement of the complete over-stimulation... he just pointed at everything and gasped "look at that!"

we have been boating and beaching a bit... clay climbs on the boat, jumps off, climbs back on, jumps off... ALL DAY!

and of course there is the tube...

carter likes to take a more simple, natural approach... skinny dipping in the pond at our land clay the snake wrangler... also at out land. i wish i didn't know that there were snakes like this living under our camper!

and then there are grace and tre... (actually no one seems to call him anything other than baby right now... we will see what happens!) she seems to like her brother so far. she kisses and hugs him... only occasionally does she dislike and want to maim him! :)
so that has been my last week or so... doesn't get much better than spending time with your family... well, ok, it could get a little better if say, gerry and i were far away on some exotic beach sipping margaritas... but you get the picture!

one more week then back to reality... and hopefully sewing!

Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm back in the saddle again!

so tina convinced me. it is time to stop being so lazy and start sewing again! she keeps making all these fancy new creations... lamp shades, new style dresses, crayon rolls, ruffle bottomed pants... and all this with a lame wrist! check her out, she has been a busy little girl!

we were talking and she asked what i thought about doing the september indie market. i hemmed and hawed (get it? hemmed? bad joke.) because i haven't made anything in so long. i still have some bags, belts, headbands, wallets, and barrettes... but as for anything new? nada.

as i talked to tina trying to decide what to do, i looked into my sewing bins. i found about 13 bags that were already cut out and just waiting to be sewn together, as well as a crap load of fabric that has never been touched!

needless to say i think i've got the itch again! last night i cut out 7 more bags! i have a few more kids bags to put together... sponge bob, cars, care bears, mickey mouse and a cute princess one with tiaras. i am going to do some more denim bags, although this time i am going to line them with some colorful fabrics. i will be doing some more wallets too... frankly i think they are awfully cute! they're very functional too! mine is stuffed with store discount cards and works great!

well i guess this means you should stay tuned for some actual craft blogs in the next few days! oh yeah, and tina and i are going to share a table at september's market... that way neither of us need to have a ton of stuff done... just enough to fill half a table! :)
now, just for a few pictures...
gracie LOVES her new brother... so far! let's see what happens when the newness wears off!

clay... being clay! by the way, he is heading to the track tomorrow to see what it's like to ride his dirt bike on a real track... might this be our ticket to the x games someday? if so, he better remember who birthed him and show mama the money!!!

carter (or chippy (short for chipmunk) as we call him) was LOVING his spaghetti tonight! lately he suddenly is eating things he normally would never even look at let alone eat. but he STILL refuses to even try watermelon, which drives me crazy!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


so today was the day... my long awaited nephew was born! my goodness i feel like my sister in law has been pregnant FOREVER!!! well, she kind of has been! grace is only 17 months old... anyhoo, i'm happy to soon have my "good times" partner back. i love all of my friends and have a great time with them... but there is something about christiane that can't be duplicated! i love that girl!

so here is the proud papa getting all scrubbed up for the c-section... get it? "scrubbed up"... yeah, i know it's not funny.
look at that face! david martin canfield the third! 10 pounds, 21 inches, born at 11:58am today... i'm sorry, did you realize i just said 10 pounds? i can't even think about it... it makes me shudder!
and here is the proud family... christiane, dave, and trey. by the way, did i mention that i renamed their baby a few months ago? dave wanted his boy to be a third. chris has known that forever and was fine with it. i just wasn't sure what we would call the new guy... dave? no, his dad is dave. david? no, it sounds too formal for a little baby. davey? no, it's just... no. so i decided that i will call him trey since he is the third. chris likes it... dave? i don't think so much.
oh yeah, and don't forget about trey's big sister grace... and his two big "brother-cousins" as clay calls them. he always says that grace is like his sister, but she's his cousin too. this apparently makes her a "sister-cousin". hence trey's label as a "brother-cousin". seriously though, how sweet is that? anyhoo, here they are... the big sister and big "brother-cousins"... they look like a bunch of renegades!

Monday, August 4, 2008

who knew i was psychic?

so i have been tagged by tina. being tagged means i am supposed to write 7 things that people don't know about me. i find this a titch difficult seeing that the only people who really read my blog are my friends and family but... i will do my best!

oh yeah, and by being tagged, i now have to tag 7 other people... not sure i have 7 other people to tag but i'll try!

so, first i will tag heather from dooce... i know this is a long shot but, what the heck! she is quite possibly THE funniest person i have ever read in my life! but, she's kind of a blog-guru so i'm not sure she will have the time for this crap... read her blog though... she's HYSTERICAL!!!

then i will tag misty from ourhouse... she made me the super cool pink elefant box of goodies that i won.

next i will tag picklesanddimes... this is a new blog i have discovered that is also really damn hilarious.

then i will tag my little monkey... she won my pay it forward... by the way, i will be sending your gift asap i PROMISE!!!

then there is my cousin kelly at irish aria.

my sewing teacher vicki at hollyhocks... she's ready to birth twins any day now, but maybe she'd like a little something to keep her busy!

last, i will tag the new girl... another blog that makes me laugh.

so i actually have 7... who knew it?

anyhoo... my 7 little known facts...

1. i have a really weird memory linking songs to occasions... for example, every time i hear that "angel" song by shaggy i think of an incident that happened (QUITE a few years ago) with my sister in law and a friend at a local bar... i won't get into it, but let's just say that we were kicked out and some fists were thrown. this brings me to my second little know fact...

2. i am not tough. at all. BUT if you heard my mouth when i get going, you would think i was mike tyson under this blonde hair! i really am such a weinie that it's kind of pathetic. if i stub my toe or get a paper cut, you would think that the world was ending! but oh boy can i talk the talk! i have actually had grown men admit that they are scared of me!

3. i have absolutely NO money management skills. for real. any suggestions??? i'm open to any advice!

4. my girl tina who tagged me originally scarred me for life from playing sports. way back in the day i was on an opposing t-ball team... i was playing short stop and she hit a line drive that blasted me in the ankle. ever since then i have been afraid to play any sports.

5. i have ripped on tina about that story forever!!! she doesn't remember it... so she says! honestly, as i said in #2 my ankle was fine... i'm just a baby! BUT believe it or not, i was actually a fairly good gymnast in my day... from age 4 until 14 or so i did gymnastics. the people at my gym wanted me to start competing, but my friend that i went with wasn't good enough to compete and i didn't want to do it alone so i stopped doing gymnastics. what a tool i was!

6. until i hit junior high i was FRIGHTENINGLY shy! yeah, i'm serious! everyone called me "velcro child" because i never left my mom's side.

7. i have videos from 8th or 9th grade where i profess my love for my now husband. i am obnoxious and giggling, with my big glasses and braces saying "i love gerry stead. some day i will marry him. i LOVE gerry stead. some day i will be mrs. gerry stead." also, at my mom's house, there are probably 47,000 places that say "i heart gerry" written on the walls of closets, written on desks, written on basement walls, etc.

who knew it? maybe #8 should be that i just realized that i was psychic in 8th grade! :)

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