Saturday, August 23, 2008

did i say i was back in the saddle? i think i lied!

so i guess my saddle isn't attached to my horse... i have done NOTHING when it comes to sewing. the problem is this... i am finally having my summer vacation and i'm trying to cram everything into 2 weeks! let's see...

we went to the fair... clay wanted to eat everything he saw! "can i have some cotton candy?" "can i have some pizza?" "can i have some ice cream? " can i have some pop?" etc. you get the picture. carter just sat in his stroller in amazement of the complete over-stimulation... he just pointed at everything and gasped "look at that!"

we have been boating and beaching a bit... clay climbs on the boat, jumps off, climbs back on, jumps off... ALL DAY!

and of course there is the tube...

carter likes to take a more simple, natural approach... skinny dipping in the pond at our land clay the snake wrangler... also at out land. i wish i didn't know that there were snakes like this living under our camper!

and then there are grace and tre... (actually no one seems to call him anything other than baby right now... we will see what happens!) she seems to like her brother so far. she kisses and hugs him... only occasionally does she dislike and want to maim him! :)
so that has been my last week or so... doesn't get much better than spending time with your family... well, ok, it could get a little better if say, gerry and i were far away on some exotic beach sipping margaritas... but you get the picture!

one more week then back to reality... and hopefully sewing!

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