Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm back in the saddle again!

so tina convinced me. it is time to stop being so lazy and start sewing again! she keeps making all these fancy new creations... lamp shades, new style dresses, crayon rolls, ruffle bottomed pants... and all this with a lame wrist! check her out, she has been a busy little girl!

we were talking and she asked what i thought about doing the september indie market. i hemmed and hawed (get it? hemmed? bad joke.) because i haven't made anything in so long. i still have some bags, belts, headbands, wallets, and barrettes... but as for anything new? nada.

as i talked to tina trying to decide what to do, i looked into my sewing bins. i found about 13 bags that were already cut out and just waiting to be sewn together, as well as a crap load of fabric that has never been touched!

needless to say i think i've got the itch again! last night i cut out 7 more bags! i have a few more kids bags to put together... sponge bob, cars, care bears, mickey mouse and a cute princess one with tiaras. i am going to do some more denim bags, although this time i am going to line them with some colorful fabrics. i will be doing some more wallets too... frankly i think they are awfully cute! they're very functional too! mine is stuffed with store discount cards and works great!

well i guess this means you should stay tuned for some actual craft blogs in the next few days! oh yeah, and tina and i are going to share a table at september's market... that way neither of us need to have a ton of stuff done... just enough to fill half a table! :)
now, just for a few pictures...
gracie LOVES her new brother... so far! let's see what happens when the newness wears off!

clay... being clay! by the way, he is heading to the track tomorrow to see what it's like to ride his dirt bike on a real track... might this be our ticket to the x games someday? if so, he better remember who birthed him and show mama the money!!!

carter (or chippy (short for chipmunk) as we call him) was LOVING his spaghetti tonight! lately he suddenly is eating things he normally would never even look at let alone eat. but he STILL refuses to even try watermelon, which drives me crazy!!!


tina said...

The baby is so cute and so big! Be sure to send Christiane my congrats. She grew a good one. You think he'd like a bonnet?? HAHA!!
I am so happy to see you back in the saddle! I wasn't sure if you were coming back or not!

Vicki said...

Good idea to leave off the shirt. Now you can just use the hose and he'll be good as new!!! If we ever have spaghetti again, it will be OUTSIDE!!!! Vicki at

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