Wednesday, August 6, 2008


so today was the day... my long awaited nephew was born! my goodness i feel like my sister in law has been pregnant FOREVER!!! well, she kind of has been! grace is only 17 months old... anyhoo, i'm happy to soon have my "good times" partner back. i love all of my friends and have a great time with them... but there is something about christiane that can't be duplicated! i love that girl!

so here is the proud papa getting all scrubbed up for the c-section... get it? "scrubbed up"... yeah, i know it's not funny.
look at that face! david martin canfield the third! 10 pounds, 21 inches, born at 11:58am today... i'm sorry, did you realize i just said 10 pounds? i can't even think about it... it makes me shudder!
and here is the proud family... christiane, dave, and trey. by the way, did i mention that i renamed their baby a few months ago? dave wanted his boy to be a third. chris has known that forever and was fine with it. i just wasn't sure what we would call the new guy... dave? no, his dad is dave. david? no, it sounds too formal for a little baby. davey? no, it's just... no. so i decided that i will call him trey since he is the third. chris likes it... dave? i don't think so much.
oh yeah, and don't forget about trey's big sister grace... and his two big "brother-cousins" as clay calls them. he always says that grace is like his sister, but she's his cousin too. this apparently makes her a "sister-cousin". hence trey's label as a "brother-cousin". seriously though, how sweet is that? anyhoo, here they are... the big sister and big "brother-cousins"... they look like a bunch of renegades!

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