Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a busy weekend (kind of told backwards)

so i actually made something again! here is the gardening apron that i made yesterday (thanks to tina's tutoring). there are 3 big pockets on the front, and you can wrap it around and tie it in the front, or tie it in the back... whatever you choose!

here is the palm tree apron i made for my aunt in florida... she loves palm trees!

this is the new rag quilt (that tina also tutored me on) that i made yesterday for my girl ann's new baby. i was a little scared of this project in the beginning... but it turned out to be SO easy! i LOVE the way it turned out and i can't wait to make more! the back is the polka dotted flannel...

this is the front...

we spent some time out at the in law's house... it was so HOT out there! i chased the kids around while the guys were installing the lawn... wow was THAT a project! there were tractors, weird rake contraptions, and a bobcat running all day saturday. sunday there was the hydroseeder going... it was quite the project, but i can't wait to see the results!
apparently it's frog season. the kids caught a zillion of them! chippy was checking them out in the bucket... yeah, he's rocking grace's boots!
here are some of the "double frogs" that the kids caught... uh, yeah.

clay had a birthday party on saturday at chuck e cheese... he thought he was SO COOL! he spiked his hair and was rocking some cologne...

after school on friday when i picked up the renegades, i decided it would be a good idea to take them to tops. it was actually not too bad... notice i bribed them with cookies.

gerry changed my oil after school on friday as well... carter was "fixing mommy's car).

and here is a school paper clay brought home... notice it says "this is a picture showing how i get to school". apparently his bus driver is a maniac!

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