Monday, July 28, 2008

i have a winner!

so i have a winner for my pay if forward contest! and the winner is... hangel from my little monkey! her pet peeve???
"How to narrow it down? My pet peeve is people who get in line in front of you at Subway and order like 15 subs for different people and need to pay for them separately."
who doesn't agree with that? as for the prize? i will have to do a little chatting with her to find out her likes and dislikes before i make/buy her prize.

not to take away from the excitement of the contest, i do have a few cute photos of my boys... and when i say boys, i mean my children AND my husband!

oh dirt bikes... i really hope that clay can someday repay me for all of my breakdowns i get watching him on that damn dirt bike! and does gerry help? NO! he buys him a bigger dirt bike! and then rides my baby around on it... ON THE DIRT BIKE JUMP!!! i don't know who is worse! clay, who thinks of NOTHING other than dirt bikes, carter who makes constant dirt bike sounds, or gerry who is constantly thinking of other jumps/ tracks he can build for the dirt bikes!

kinda blurry... but clay is jumping his honda 50

and gerry and carter are jumping the sukuki 60.


1 comment:

Misty said...

OOoo, that is too scary for me! I would die a thousand deaths a minute.

Congratulations to your winner!

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