Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i won! i won! i won!

so i never win anything. ever. seriously, never. any idea how excited i was to find out that i won the pay it forward contest from misty at ourhouse? if you have no idea what i'm talking about, check out swistle. she encouraged droves of people to host their own pay it forward contests.

when i found out i won, it was as if i had won the lottery! i had no idea what i won, or who the person was that i won from! it was very exciting... and i must admit, i have been checking the mailbox like a freak the past few days... and finally today THIS came in the mail...
the box was so cute that i didn't even want to open it... but i did. quickly. as excited as a kid on xmas! oh the goodies!!!for me, some yummy smelling lotion and perfume, fabulous candles, and super cute picture holders.but misty didn't stop there! she threw in some books for my boys (they have audio cd versions too!) it turns out that she and i both have 2 boys right around the same age. oh yeah, there were cool stickers in there too, but they disappeared before i could snap a picture. why are kids so damn fascinated by stickers? i don't get it. don't get me wrong, i collected plenty scratch and sniff and garbage pail kids stickers when i was young...
so, i just want to extend a HUGE thanks to misty... i (and my boys) love everything in there!thanks again SO MUCH!!! and if anyone is wondering, her blog is hysterical... check her out!
now, as for hosting my own pay it forward contest... i would do it in a heartbeat. my only problem is that i really don't have all that big of a reader base (except for you tina, andrew and vicki! ) not that i wouldn't love to give one of my 3 readers a gift, but i wouldn't have to hold a contest for it! is anyone out there other than them reading this? should i do a contest??? anyone? suggestions?


Misty said...

Look at all the great pictures! And I am so glad you liked the box. I don't have that big of a readership myself, but Swistle is advertising the PIFs on her blog. I won Caley at Sublim Bedlam's PIF and am advertising my current PIF on Swistle's blog and so far have about 25 entries. Mostly of folks I don't know.

So there is always that. But! No pressure! Remember, my PIF was optional. And I firmly stand by that. :)

LoriD said...

Hi! I came over from your post on Misty's blog. I'm nosy and wanted to see what you won. Awesome packaging and awesome gifts (well done, Misty!)

I read your profile on your sidebar and I'm fascinated by your profession and your sewing! The parents of my daughter's best friend are both deaf, so we have all been watching Signing Time to learn some basic signs to make communication easier. It's amazing how much kids retain... even my 2-year-old teases her older siblings by doing the sign for "donkey" to them.

tina said...

You lucky dog! Congrats on win!! I will definitely enter the contest.. :)
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