Friday, May 1, 2009

a busy, busy night!

so i have been quite busy... i got 3 aprons made this evening! why am i in such a tizzy to get these made you may ask??? well let me tell you...
my brother in law and sister in law (gerry's sister and her husband) currently own a landscaping business called canfield's landscaping. they have recently purchased and fixed up a former nursery/garden center in hamburg... it used to be called the water valley nursery, but it is now called Canfield's Landscaping and Garden Center! this is SO exciting!!! what is my point and how does this relate to me making aprons you may ask? well at Canfield's Landscaping and Garden Center, i will be selling my stuff! they will be carrying my key fobs, wallets, checkbook covers, traveling art kits, bags etc. as well as my new creation... the gardening aprons! my sister will be selling her handmade jewelry there as well.
i just think that these aprons are the cutest! they make me want to start gardening!!!
ok, so i probably won't start gardening (eew! dirt, worms, bugs, snakes etc.), but maybe i will start wearing one to cook! or perhaps i will just wear one just cuz it's cute...
so anyhoo, my point is this... if you live in the buffalo area and you are looking for some plants, shrubs, flowers, garden supplies, jewelry or sewn creations, stop by! Canfield's Landscaping and Garden Center is located on Route 62 in Hamburg NY between the Village of Hamburg and beautiful ole Eden! come check it out! =)

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