Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happy memorial day!

so we went camping this weekend at highbanks... we had so much fun! the kids ride their bikes ALL day! we go to the playground, go for walks, ride bikes, go on the boat, and fish. ok, so that's what the kids do... we hang out and drink beer and eat by the fire!
clay thinks he's 35... and thinks he can drive the boat better than ANYONE!
carter wanted to "drive da boat like my brudder!"
we really need to break chippy of the binkie...
gerry, loving life on the boat
chip has his own chair and likes sit at the fire like a big boy...
and here is the new shower... we have been going to highbanks for years now, and they finally got new bathrooms. we were a bit excited! the showers are super nice now!

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