Monday, June 1, 2009

dirty hands...

so this weekend was an outdoor weekend at home... yard work, yard work, and more yard work! i helped weed and edge. then we took a little trip to canfield's landscaping and garden center for some flowers and mulch.
i planted some allysum (i LOVE the way it smells) in a few spots and hope they spread.
our tree (which has been a mystery for years now as to what kind it is) is a cherry tree of some sort! this year we finally have little berries starting to grow!
cute pink flowers...
these stargazer lillies will be SWEET!
gerry's favorite, the impatiens
more friggin impatiens... every year i want to get something new. and every year we end up with more impatiens... too much shade in our yard :(
and i planted a couple of hostas to go under my hydrangea tree... clay got rocks out of our back yard and made a circle and mulched. he was SO proud!

and then chippy and i took his idea and spruced up our mailbox with some rocks and mulch.

at this point, my hands are almost clean... this girl isn't exactly used to getting her hands dirty! :)

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