Monday, June 22, 2009

a quickie for father's day (you and your dirty mind!)

so i hope everyone had a fantastic father's day... clay, gerry, his dad, and his grandfather (spike) all went on their annual father's day camping trip at highbanks... chippy is a titch too high maintenance still to join them, but gerry says next year. chip and i hung out all weekend... too bad it rained most of it! we were trapped in the house all weekend, which is no good... especially if you know my son! (***remember the fish tank incident?***)

here was chippy on sunday once it finally cleared up... why is mud and dirt so much fun? i just don't get it...

good ole spike won the fishing tournament that they had... such a great man! and proud as a peacock to be with his boys this weekend!

and here is clay (in the orange) and nick on the boat... it's so funny, gerry's best friend growing up, greg, and his son nick were camping too. seeing clay and nick is like seeing gerry and greg all over again! kind of scary! :)


Anonymous said...

Spike should run for New York State governor in 2010. We need a real man in office!

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is dead!

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