Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a busted leg, mardi gras, the first bonfire, and a few days off

so this past weekend we attended mardi gras in ellicottville. this was the snow bar/band at holiday valley. the boys skied, the girls hung out, we headed to the (lame) parade, and then downtown for a bit. it was not as fun as i had expected though... probably because our other third was absent. friday evening, my mother in law had an accident and ended up in the hospital with a busted leg. my sister in law spent the weekend in the hospital with her, which kept her from the fun and festivities. in case you're wondering, my mother in law is doing ok, but she has a long road of recovery ahead of her.

here is chippy, rocking my old sunglasses and some chocolate...

clay is rocking another pair of sunglasses and some beads... he thinks he is SO cool!

then, on monday, we celebrated the beautiful weather with the first bonfire of the season!

the boys were SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

clay roasted a zillion (very stale) marshmallows.

chip just ate them raw.

tucker even came out back to join in the festivities!
here is the hubby and i...

since my mother in law was M.I.A. we had no babysitter monday, tuesday, or wednesday... so i had to stay home with chip. i got my car cleaned out though (thank goodness!- i think things were beginning to grow in there!)

chip worked on riding his 2 wheel bike...

we went for a little walk in the woods...

and in true stead fashion, the dirt bikes came out... grace loves it almost as much as chip! :)

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