Monday, March 2, 2009

fish guts

so this weekend was dedicated to ice fishing. although it certainly was not myself who was ice fishing... on saturday, gerry and clay went out on lake erie for a bit, then gerry went again on sunday. here is the bucket of perch he came home with on sunday... they didn't have much luck on saturday- too cold!
the boys watched gerry filet the fish... at my kitchen table.
apparently they found it fascinating... i found it disgusting.

clay had a good idea... when gerry showed him the egg sac in one of the fish, he suggested we put the eggs in our fish tank and "grow some more fish!"

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Anonymous said...

good job, Stead men- I see Gerry is indoctrinating Carter.
Clay- what a great idea about the egg sac- grow some more fish- you are smart AND good looking-now try
to convince your parents to come and visit patpat- you can fish right here- i even have poles from when your cousins were here- and we have friends that have all kinds of boats-sailing, kayaks, fishing love, patpat

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