Saturday, February 28, 2009

i know i've said this before, but this REALLY IS my favorite purse EVER!!!

so my babysitter (and good friend) dee is having a purse and jewelry party next week. i'm a little nervous. i'm not exactly confident about selling my stuff... it's awkward for me. oh yeah, and i haven't sewn in a LONG time! so i decided (at 5am when carter decided that it was officially time to wake up for the day) that today was the day to get stuff done. i went to joann's to get interfacing... and some new fabric (cuz that's just how i roll). i then stopped at the gym and headed home to get to work. as i was driving through eden, i passed the eden sewing center. i have been in there a few times before... and i always stare at this joel dewberry fabric. well, today i guess i was feeling inspired, because i stopped and bought a yard of the coveted fabric. it was $15.99 a yard! i almost crapped! i will say that it is a thicker, more durable kind of material, but still...

when i got home, i got to work on some bags for dee's party... last year she sold as many st patrick's day bags as i could make! a month or so ago i had bought a crapload of st patty's fabric for her and her cohorts. so i sat down and made 3 bags (that you will see a few pics down). once i was done with them, i decided it was time to get down to business.

i absolutely LOVE this new bag! 3 pockets on the inside... a big one, a medium sized one, and a pen pocket. did i mention that i love this bag?

then i decided to make a wallet to match (as seen in the first picture). i love this bag.

this is one of the st patty's fabrics i got. i like it... it's pretty and not so IN YOUR FACE as many of the holiday type fabrics are. subtle shamrocks...
and here is what i made so far... a tote, a messenger bag, and a little purse. i think they're cute... i need to get some green ribbon to jazz them up a bit though.
well, stay tuned for some more craft-type blogs in the near future... i have a LOT of things to make! :)


Anonymous said...

So how did the purse party go?

Did you make many sales?

What did Dee have to eat and drink?

Does Dee have any odd friends?

What about Dee's husband... did he get involved with the party? Did you make HIM a purse?

So many questions... so little time.

pinkelefant said...

yep, not bad.
beer, taco dip, pizza and wings.
she sure does!
he's a friggin WEIRDO!!!

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