Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a warm up!

so let me wish you a happy ash wednesday... is that inappropriate? i'm not going to lie, i'm not a church go-er. not that i have any negative opinion on those who are church go-ers, i just don't happen to be one. i'm just not sure if it is socially appropriate to wish people a "happy ash wednesday"... but hey, since when am i socially appropriate, right?

well, we had a bit of a "warm up" today. by warm up, i mean it was like 43 degrees outside... that sure seems like a warm up these days... pathetic huh? i hear it's supposed to get even warmer tomorrow... perhaps we will hit a whopping 47 degrees? one can only hope!

so during our warm up today, my boys were frolicking outside for a while. yeah, clay is riding his bike... in the snow. hey, what can i say, that's how we roll out here in eden! just wait til i post the "ride your tractor to school day" pictures in a few years... no, i'm serious, they have that here!

wanna know how else we roll out here? this is clay standing on the snow mound that has been used all winter as a snowmobile jump. it is quite a bit smaller now than it has been, but it still does it's thang. yeah, and it is definately located RIGHT NEXT TO MY DOOR! why not right?

and i'm not sure about anyone else's kids, but this little plastic car? apparently it is the greatest toy EVER! this was left at our house by the previous owners when we moved in... clay LOVED it. now carter LOVES it. also, any other kid who comes over LOVES it! clay still tries to get in it sometimes! ps, carter's face is covered in melted m&ms and he couldn't be happier!

and the aftermath of the outdoor frolicking??? they were pretty much broken! they stuffed their faces and then turned into zombies on the couch!

st. patty's day is right around the corner and this girl has a LOT of sewing to do. that is my plan for the weekend... get my sew on!

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