Monday, February 23, 2009


so, i'm sick. so is carter. and as of this morning, so is clay. blah. i am not feeling witty or funny.
on a separate topic... i want nothing more right now than for carter to become potty trained... and he wants NOTHING to do with it. i even bought him some mickey mouse underpants... he doesn't care. the only time he has ANY desire to go on the potty is when we are putting shoes on to walk out the door for work in the morning. and even then, he really doesn't want to go, he just wants to flush the toilet and play. UGH!!!

and here is chippy's new thing... he gets the binoculars out and says "oooh... lookit! big BUCKS!" he and gerry were watching a hunting show when he discovered the binoculars... it's all over now!

and now any time he sees anything camouflaged, he yells "big BUCK"...
that's all i have for today. blah...

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