Sunday, February 1, 2009


so i took the boys to the monster truck/dirt bike show on friday night. gerry was snowmobiling, and apparently i was going for the coolest mom ever award... i'm not going to lie, i had a pretty good time! i bought the "cheap" seats, and we ended up dead center in a box! my boys were so excited that they were actually speechless! who knew that was possible???
carter is yelling "CHEESE!" they were so cute... carter kept randomly yelling out " GO MONSTER PRRRUCKS!" and every once in a while he would bust out into an air guitar solo... clay and i laughed our butts off every time he did that!
clay's favorite... "the general lee"
they did a little kid quad race... clay could have crushed those kids! we need to get him started racing this summer- i can't believe i just said that i WANT to get him started racing!
we found alyssa (litta as carter calls her), my cousin, my babysitter, and my boys favorite girl on earth! she's so sweet and caring, and yet she rips on a dirt bike... if they were older, my boys would probably fight to marry her (if she wasn't a relative too of course).
"the prowler"
and when we finally left, my boys were completely broken... clay was folded in half snoring...

and chip passed out before we were even out of the parking ramp! it could be because he never napped all day... "no nappy! monster prucks!"

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