Friday, January 30, 2009

i'm a plumber now.

so here is a really long story short. i came home from work yesterday to a sink that was leaking water out of the cupboards. this is why... a plastic knife (circa 1990 i think) was stuck in the pipe.
this is the hole the knife left in my pipe. i forgot to mention that gerry was at a school union negotiations meeting and was completely unavailable. my dad was a maintenance man, i could figure this out, right? well, i made a phone call or two and got a little advice and decided that i was going to impress the hell out of gerry and fix this myself.
clay thought this whole thing was hysterical and kept taking my picture... for this one he told me "mom, look REALLY mad"...
look at me... all confident in my skills as a plumber. so i packed up the kids, and off to the hardware store we went. now, my BIG mistake happened at the hardware store... i listened to the older gentleman working there are bought the parts he told me to buy. i brought my rusted, busted pieces with me, and could tell from comparing them that i was not getting the right parts. i gave him the benefit of the doubt though... for all i knew he could be a plumber himself! well...
i had to cut the one pipe because it was far too long...
yeah, i had to cut it a few times... i finally got the right length, but as i thought in the store, he sold me the wrong parts. i will say, gerry was THOROUGHLY impressed (as was myself) at my attempt. after getting the correct part (which i'm pretty sure is the one that i had originally thought) gerry fixed it today and all is well.

now, the boys and i are off to the monster truck show tonight... the boys are so excited they can't even focus. i on the other hand... wish me luck!

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