Monday, January 26, 2009

i am NOT a copycat!

so my girl tina, over at polkadotbug, just posted an ADORABLE picture of her girls in the bathtub. it just so happens that i took a pic of my little hellians in the tub tonight! there is really no point to this post, other than i have a cute pic of the boys to share.
and then there is bean... when chris sent me this picture my immediate response was "who does she think she is? olivia newton john?" i LLOLed (Literally Laughed Out Loud- not to be confused with the incredibly overused LOL... i LLOL when i LITERALLY laughed out loud) when i got this picture...


tina said...

you are SUCH a copycat! get your own ideas!

pinkelefant said...

i wish i knew how to spell the noise that a tongue makes when you spit at people! :P

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