Friday, January 9, 2009

my sewing center!

so here it is... my sewing center! it only took me 2 hours to put it together... that's not bad, it was actually quite complex! when i opened the box and saw how many parts and screws and hinges there were, i'm not going to lie, i was a little nervous. but it went together easily... i LOVE putting things together actually. it's funny, gerry is a technology teacher, yet i am the one who always puts everything together and hooks up all electronic devices.
this is it all opened up. when it is not in use, my sewing machine hides on that bottom shelf, out of the kiddies reach!
the right side keeps my scissors, thread, buttons, patterns (that i don't ever use), other various tools etc, and that middle shelf? that is all the projects that i have already cut out but need to put together. notice that shelf is so full that stuff is almost falling out of it. :(
then the left side supports the side table part, and holds all of my ribbons, velcro, snaps etc.
i LOVE my sewing center! it's so sweet! i love having things organized... and this is the perfect thing to keep me organized. yeah, this is a rather boring post, but i had to show off my sewing center! :)

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patpat said...

caren- it is beautiful- perfect for you, too your dad would have loved to put it together for you and appreciate how organized - you got it from him- I must check out some more of your stuff. mommy

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