Monday, January 5, 2009

happy 2009!

so we spent our new years eve back out at the in law's house... so much fun. cute headbands... check. really annoying clapper things that the kids immediately broke... check. mardi gras beads that the kids LOVED... check. enough food to feed 47 armies... check. i love new years!
i seriously think that i ate enough food on new years eve to feed a family of 7.
the kids wanted jen to read to them... all she could find were some martha stewart magazines and consumer report magazines. they didn't care though!
my sister hollie... and some of our food. mmm, i'm hungry again just looking at it!
my sister in law christiane rockin the headband
jen is also (excitedly) rockin the headband... and i'm not sure what hollie is doing!
madeja kept telling clay to take off the headband because he looked like a girl... so clay snuck one on his arm and i took this picture- clay almost peed his pants laughing!
the girls celebrating... not sure why we are gripping christiane's arms like that... perhaps it was to stabilize us from all falling down! ;)
on new year's day we all went tubing at holiday valley. SO MUCH FUN! i'm not going to lie, it was a titch scary at first, but it was a hoot! from left to right is clay, heffay, christiane (we called her chuck, short for woodchuck- look at that hat!), dave, jen, gerry, and me.

then on friday we had a girl's night at my girl kimmy's house... these are her gorgeous twins isabella and jenna. they might be the cutest little girls i have ever seen (that aren't my niece of course)!


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