Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my favorite bag i've ever made

so i was really aggravated today. i went to return some gifts at the mall, and although i made out like a bandit with the returns and rebuys, i wanted to choke some of the nasty people in the stores. IT'S AFTER THE HOLIDAYS PEOPLE... LINES WILL BE LONG... HAVE SOME FRIGGIN PATIENCE WILL YA??? ok, now that i got that off my chest...
i was looking at purses and bags today... i didn't really like ANY of them! i guess i'm a custom bag snob now! so i decided to try out a new bag.
it's made out of canvas with a cotton quilted lining. i decided to try out a separate bottom and sides, as opposed to my typical all one piece style. i am VERY happy with how it turned out. it was a titch difficult figuring out how to make the lining fit, but it all worked out in the end.
there are 2 magnetic snaps (to keep thieving hands out!) and 2 regular pockets on the one side, and a large pocket and a pen pocket on the other side.

i now love this bag.

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Melissa said...

Totally cute bag!!! Love it (and the magnetic snaps)

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