Monday, December 1, 2008

birthdays, thanksgiving, surprise party and just plain ole chaos!!!

so i had quite the busy week/weekend... last saturday the whole family went out for dinner to celebrate all of our birthdays... spike's, christiane's, gerry's and mine. here is nanny with carter and grace... poor woman couldn't even eat! the kids would NOT get off her lap! clay thinks he's super cool taking care of little baby dave...
then carter had to follow in his big brother's footsteps...
then we had thanksgiving dinner at my house... and not to toot my own horn (i said toot) i must admit that everything was delish! friday morning my sister and i decided to brave the stores and do a little black friday shopping... ok, so we went out at noon and missed most of the crazies. i have to say, we got some REALLY good deals, and for once in my life, i'm pretty darn close to being done shopping! :)

saturday was the long awaited surprise party for my girls... my sister hollie is turning 40, and my sister in law christiane just turned 30! old ladies... ha! it was a LOT of fun... although i am glad it's over. jen and i have been trying to plan this party since august... and it has been REALLY difficult to not mention it to either of them. i can't even tell you how many times i almost slipped!

well, the buffalo for africa show is next weekend and i have a LOT to get done between now and then... i guess i have a busy weekend ahead of me!

oh yeah, and gerry got another doe... yep, another dead deer decorating the tree in my side yard. eew!!!

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