Saturday, December 13, 2008

holy accomplishments batman!

so clay has been home sick for the past 2 days... which means i was home sick with him for the past 2 days. to be honest, i haven't felt all that great either... as expected with the germs floating around my house (and work!) so anyhoo, today i just couldn't sleep all day like i wanted to. as crappy as i have felt, i probably really SHOULD have slept, but i didn't. so i decided to do a little sewing... which turned into a LOT of sewing!
you can't really see the size of these, but they are little mini totes. they are adorable little purse sized bags... i just think they are the cutest!
then we have spongebob, cars, and thomas the train bags...
a few more traveling art shows...
and a few bigger purses... ok, i have to admit, the one on the left i made 2 days ago... but everything else here i made today. TODAY! 7 bags and 3 traveling art shows... i'm so impressed with myself. oh my goodness, i almost forgot... i hand sewed buttons on the covers of 8 wallets too.
as a side note, i have been watching a bunch of movies lately while i sew. last week i watched "step brothers" which i can honestly say is now in my top 3 funniest movies of all time. i watched it 4 times in 3 days... no joke. it's hys-frickin-terical! i also watched "baby mama" which was decently entertaining... pretty predictable, but whatever. tonight as i sewed i watched "fred claus" which was pretty good... anything with vince vaughn i will watch. and i'm finishing watching "this christmas" as i type... very cute. it made me enjoy chris brown more than i ever had before... my goodness can that boy sing!
anyhoo, just trying to get ready for the buffalo for africa show on sunday... wish me luck!

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