Sunday, December 28, 2008

holy exhaustion batman!!!

so here was our tree christmas eve night before we went to bed... we were up wrapping until 12:30. at 3:00am clay came into our room and told me that his stocking was overflowing with presents! he was SO excited... we on the other hand were not so pumped. he climbed in bed with us and i'm pretty sure he just lay there awake until carter came in at 5am. he was not pumped for christmas, that is just what time he likes to get up. neat huh? well, by 6:30am we were done opening presents, done getting everything out of the packages (with the 47,000 twist ties, screws etc that keep them on the cardboard). we got ready, packed up, went to my sister's house and then headed out to the in-law's house. we were planning on staying 1 night... and ended up staying 3!
i'm happy but sad to report that i really didn't take many pictures this year... we lived the memories instead of freaking out and trying to capture them on camera.
chippy was a little overwhelmed at first...
clay, on the other hand, was a pro!
clay just wanted to tear into the "real" presents... and carter was just really excited to have m&ms! "oooh! lookit mommy! emmies!"
clay thinks he's so cool... he got an ipod shuffle
and yeah, as has been clear in the past, we are rednecks... i got gerry a blackpowder muzzleloader.
at nanny and poppy's new house, clay and his uncle dave sat and put together the spongebob submarine legos set...
and carter got the smart cycle... i forgot to get batteries for it, so for now he and clay just think it's a dirt bike!
then carter got a cars bed set... he is SO excited about it. now what are the chances he will start sleeping in a bit later than 5am??? i sure hope the bed set is THAT exciting!
as for me, (among other wondrous things) i got a fabulous sewing center... i think i will put it together tomorrow. oooh... i can't wait to get all my stuff organized!!! :)
what exciting gifts did YOU (or a family member of yours) get???

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