Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some of my favorite ornaments...

so i love snowmen... and i just think that this ornament is so cute. i'm sure i'm not alone in this tradition, but i get gerry an ornament every year.. .i bought this one for him a few years ago.
i have some really cute pink ornaments from my mother in law...and of course some elephants... i actually have 6 or 7 elephant ornaments. this one is my favorite though. i got it from joycie and willard (who are/were like another set of grandparents to me) a few years back.
this is among the many kid-made ornaments with their picture on it...
and of course we have a john deere tractor ornament (actually we have another one too)!
then we have some proof that i am a child of the 80's with my care bear ornament...
and cabbage patch kid...
and strawberry shortcake- although this one does not smell :(
then we have jolly old saint nicholas... on a snowmobile
and who DOESN'T have a camouflage wearing, shotgun toting santa claus?and then the ornament that proved to me that we really ARE rednecks... the santa claus made out of a shotgun shell. yes, i'm serious.

so after a long day yesterday... clay and i decorated the tree... he is such a ham!

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