Friday, January 23, 2009

if you are easily offended... DO NOT READ THIS POST!

so there is a new requirement at my school where the teachers must have a "word wall" posted in their classrooms, showing current vocabulary. the social studies teacher that i work with is a man... and therefore has TERRIBLE handwriting, as well as a COMPLETE INABILITY to spell words correctly. so i did him the favor of writing his word wall on the side board in his room. his last period class took it upon themselves to "edit" the word wall as seen above.

RECONSTRUCTION- was kept the same (i don't think they could think of anything clever)
PARDON- became pucky (not sure what that is)
BLACK CODES- became black cooch (no explanation necessary)
IMPEACH- became sweet peach (again, no explanation necessary)
CARPETBAGGERS- became "T" baggers (this one almost made me pee my pants)
SCALAWAG- became swag (in front of swag it says booty got... booty got swag)
SHARECROPPING- became sharecrotching (my other favorite)
TENANT FARMING- became ant farming (not that funny)
INFRASTRUCTURE- another one they couldn't touch...
SOLID SOUTH- became dirty south

call me immature... this is STILL making me laugh...

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