Monday, March 30, 2009

dora dora dora the explorer!

so we celebrated gracie's 2nd birthday yesterday. don't look too closely at dora's face... the cake sunk in a bit and her nose and mouth are a bit jacked up. oh yeah, and once i got to the party and looked at all the decorations, i realized that dora's bracelet is supposed to be yellow, not white. after i pointed that out, i got teased for messing up the bracelet (only because my family knows how obsessive i am and how the bracelet mishap would really bug me).

i made some cupcakes too- these are REALLY messed up. i was completely out of patience by then and just slopped them together. and carter kept sticking his fingers in them... the whole time i was decorating the cake and cupcakes, carter kept coming in the kitchen and saying "mom, what you doin?" i would tell him "making a cake"... to which he would respond "you makin a cake mom? oh." this conversation happened about 47 times... hence the completely out of patience.

grace sat on nanny's (wheelchaired) lap for the cake... and cried when everyone sang!

look at how thrilled she looks...

carter was eating his cupcake by the fist-full!

gerry became the jungle gym afterwards...

sidenote: clay built his jump up a little more on saturday... here he goes!

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