Thursday, March 26, 2009

green and brown

so i actually DID get some stuff done tonight. and apparently i have been a big fan of the green and brown combo...

and i am just absolutely LOVING these key fobs... i just hope other people are loving them as well. i made these tonight once i put the brown thread in my machine.
and then there is this material. it's really cute, but VERY thin. this bag turned out like crap. i need to figure out something else to do with this cute stuff.
well, i have one more bag that i cut out this week to put together. and if i can make another 2 or 3 tomorrow night i will be pleased. wish me luck at this show on saturday... whatever money i make at this show will buy me vacation clothes. and chubby girl needs some new clothes! :)
oh yeah, and by the way, i started reading the twilight series 2 weeks ago. i can NOT stop reading! i'm half way through the 4th book... it is SO GOOD!!! i feel like a 15 year old. but seriously, they are REALLY good... and i'm not typically a vampire kind of girl. if you have not read them, read them. if you think that you are too old, or too cool for these books, read them. the movie? it was ok. i honestly expected edward to be better looking though... anyone???

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tina said...

How do you read that fast!?! I am only half way through the second book. I am addicted for sure. Disgustingly. I do love vampires though. :) I definitely agree that Edward was much cuter in my imagination, but I still love him. I only allow myself to read right before bed and I am so tired that I can only get in a chapter or two before I pass out.
Can't wait for tomorrow. Good job whippin out some stuff!

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