Saturday, November 15, 2008

my goodness have i been productive!

so i have been unusually productive today... my sister in law and i packed my in law's house for a few hours, while the kids ran around terrorizing the place. we each had our ipods on (to tune the kids and my mother in law out a little) and just went to town. i'm happy to say that other than clothes and kitchen dishes, they are completely packed and ready to move!
once i got home, and got chippy in bed, i started sewing.
this is the traveling art show pattern that i got from mr monkeysuit. i am SO happy with how it turned out! it is supposed to have a pack of crayons on the left side, and an activity book on the right... i will be buying those to fill these soon. it was super easy and fast to make... i just think it's damn adorable! and then i finished off some more checkbook covers and coordinating wallets...
yeah, i made 8 wallets and 6 checkbook covers tonight. i'm a little obsessed... now that i have finished all of the checkbook covers and wallets that i had cut out, now i will obsess on the traveling art shows for a while.
on another note, for those of you who care... carter was up AGAIN last night! he woke up and came down to my bed at 2am... and was up until 4 something. once he went back to sleep, it was only until 7:30. needless to say, i'm going to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

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