Thursday, November 13, 2008

things happen in 3s :(

so this post is very atypical, i need to bitch for minute. although i have been doing a bit of sewing (mostly wallets and checkbook covers) i have no pictures at this point in time. it has been a CRAZY week!

first let me say that the ellicottville beer and wine fest was great! it was more spread out this year and i enjoyed a plethora of delicious beers! the only negative was the cup. yeah, i said cup. the past 3 years that we have gone, you got a sweet glass to use for tastings, and then bring home and remind you of your fun all year long. this year, you got a cheap little plastic cup... it was so lame!

then there was veteran's day... like a moron, i scheduled carter's 2 year check up, an eye dr appointment for me, and clay's dentist appointment. i ended up running around all day like a chicken with her head lopped off. then my sister called because my brother in law had an accident and hit his head in the garage... i then acquired her kids for a bit (which TOTALLY fires clay up!) he's fine, but it was a little hairy for a while there.

school was crazy yesterday... a LOT of substitute teachers= crazy kids! then last night carter had a little cough... which once he went to bed developed into a NASTY croup. yeah, so we ended up in the emergency room until 2am while he got a shot of steroids and a breathing treatment.

then, clay missed his bus this morning... WILL IT EVER END??? which brings me to this weekend... opening weekend for shotgun. UGH! all i know is that gerry better get a BIG deer this weekend and make it worth while!

ok, i'm sorry... i'm done complaining. but things happen in 3s... i'm just wondering if clay missing the bus was the 3rd thing, or if i should be looking out for something else! :(

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