Sunday, November 2, 2008

crappy pictures... and who has NOT seen pulp fiction???

so last night was a hoot... but do you know how many people have not seen pulp fiction? i had no idea! the people who have seen pulp fiction knew my costume right away and gave me big time props... other people would say, "what are you?" when i told them they would say, "oh i never saw pulp fiction" to which i replied "seriously? who HASN'T seen pulp fiction?"
anyhoo, how creepy am i in black hair? and lipstick??? i am SO NOT a lipstick wearer... it was a strange and annoying feeling. so yeah, i got a sweet wig from "that hair store on bailey" thatso many of my students told me to go to. it was actually a pretty good wig, people thought i had dyed my hair! yikes!!! it was definately a strange feeling though... i can't imagine wearing those things all the time!
my favorite part (and the favorite part of people who knew what the hell i was) was the red marker spot and the syringe. i used one of the syringes that i use for the kid's medicine that you get from the pharmacy... i had intended on gluing it to my chest, but didn't think super glue was a good idea- nothing else would hold. so i just crammed it in my... storage compartment. :)
these are our friends greg and dave (really brothers) as the blues brothers... ps that is greg's real hair on those chops... you can't see them too good in these pictures, but they were hysterical!
and here are my sister (a gothic fairy) and sister in law (a red devil) whooping it up on the dance floor... my pictures suck because they are from my phone. i will post better pictures if any of my peeps have any...
and then on a completely different note, here is clay. he was out at our property hunting with his dad and his poppy. he got all camo-ed up to go in poppy's treestand...

just as a footnote: if you notice how flippin fat my face looks in that top picture, just know that it is NOT just the camera!!! i am right now at my lifetime highest weight... EEKS!!! and tomorrow starts the big fight. diet and exercise start tomorrow... for real! i plan on losing 10 pounds before my birthday (novemeber 26th). i'm serious... it's getting disgusting! so, from here on out if my posts seem a little crabby, that's why... i'm crabby when i'm hungry! :)

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