Saturday, November 8, 2008

quite possibly the worst pictures ever... but i'm too excited! and this post is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

so i discovered a new project... check book covers! after picking carter up from the baby sitter's house today, we went to get him a haircut. seriously, i LOVE when his hair is longer... he has such fabulous curls. but he really looked like a mad scientist! his hair was completely out of control!

anyhoo, after his haircut, he and i went on a dinner date. he was so good... he had a hot dog, i had a burger and some delicious french onion soup. ps, i LOVE french onion soup and have decided that i have to give it a whirl and try to make my own (one of these days!) well after dinner, we were a hop skip and a jump (and a 47 second car ride) from tina's house. so i called her (as i pulled in the driveway) to see if she wanted visitors...

so after carter and i sat at the dinner table with them as they ate their dinner (which i was too busy to ask exactly what it was... you never know at their house, andrew cooks up some interesting stuff sometimes!) i took a stroll into tina's craft room. i drooled... a lot! fabric... bags... little girl's dresses... bibs... key fobs... and check book covers to name a few. well, the check book cover seemed far to easy... so i had to check it out.

tina emailed me a link to a tutorial... really i just needed the measurements- they are THAT easy!!! so what did i do? i came home and made 5 of them! these pictures suck (gerry has the real camera with him at our property JUST IN CASE he gets another deer) but you get the idea. i'm so happy with them... they are easy, and i think really damn cute! so then i (obsessively) cut out 6 more, along with 12 matching/coordinating wallets.

by the way... i'm going to be selling my stuff at an event at my former high school in december. sunday december 14th (the day after my mom's 59th birthday!) there will be family fun day held at frontier high school. they are having games, movies, crafts for kids to do, food, and vendors! my sister (selling jewelry), tina and i are all going to be vendors there... it is to benefit buffalo for africa. check out buffalo for africa, and stayed tuned for more details about the family fun day... i need to go to bed now.

here is chippy after his haircut... he looks so old with short hair!!!

oh yeah, and tomorrow is the ellicottville beer and wine festival... yeah, needless to say, i'm SUPER excited! :)

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