Friday, October 31, 2008

a mummy and a giraffe

so trick or treating went very well tonight!!! last year, clay was totally overstimulated and didn't want to trick or treat AT ALL! what ended up happening was that gerry and i got thoroughly aggravated and practically dragged him house to house. last year's halloween=NO fun!
then there was this year... the boys were so excited and loved every minute of it! since we live in the boonies, we drove into town, parked the cars, and walked around. clay was loving it so much he actually said "this is great! i wasn't thinking with my brain last year!" he is too funny sometimes...

here is his mummy costume... it looked awesome when he went to school today. then he jacked it all up at their "dance party" and took all his cheesecloth wrappings off... and left them in his desk! thank goodness i had bought a bit more yesterday "just in case". so his mummy wrappings are not what they were supposed to be, but oh well... i need to learn to relax a bit.
chippy was a giraffe... a costume my mom made for my nephews a few years ago. he was too funny... he would run up to the houses, get his candy, turn and show me what he got, and exclaim "lookit mom mom!" he would then run back to his stroller, climb in and wave bye to the people who just gave candy. it was so flippin cute!!!grace was a lady bug... too cute! she wasn't a huge fan of trick or treating... she went through spurts of excitement, followed by fits of rage. but she looked so damn cute! can you even stand the pigtails? i LOVE them!
oh yeah, and notice the candy bag? i made it in 13 minutes before we left because i realized that i had never gotten/made them bags! duh!

well, tomorrow night is the night... all i have to do now is find a white button down and figure out how the heck i'm going to get my needle to stick to my chest. oh yeah, my anonymous commenter was right... mrs mia wallace... pulp fiction. :) just wait til you get a load of me tomorrow!!!

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