Tuesday, October 7, 2008

try not to laugh...

so i have gotten really fat. i mean it. i currently weigh more than i did when i was 9 months pregnant. people say "oh, you just had a baby!" yeah, too bad i had a baby 2 years ago! and i already lost that weight... i just happened to find it again, and more!

anyway, my point is, my sister in law and i have decided that we need to start exercising. she actually DID just have a baby 8 weeks ago. so anyhoo, we are going to make a workout area in my basement for when it gets really cold outside... we have a treadmill, an exercise bike, and an ab chair thing that my brother in law bought off an infomercial to make us skinny. but gerry won't move any of the equipment into my basement until it is clean... he lectured us as if we were children. i'm getting off point again... anyway, so we have started walking in the mornings. when i say mornings, i mean 5:15 in the morning! it's really damn early! but it's the only time we have to do anything... i blame having kids on this!

so, suffice it to say, that it is REALLY dark outside at 5:15... especially out where i live! i never noticed before the lack of street lights we have until we started walking at the crack of dawn! it is also interesting to see how many other people on our street are up at such an awful time of day... must be all those farmers! once again, i'm off topic! so christiane decided to bring her dog with us for "protection". her dog is a sweet little girl who is pitch black and not all that "protective"! we are constantly tripping over her leash because she blends right in with the dark! also, chris decided to bring a light with us. this ghost lantern in the picture is the light she decided to bring so cars could see us. yeah, it's about as bright as a tea light candle... and the batteries aren't all that great! she also has one with a pumpkin that we occasionally use... it also is not the best light source ever!
then there is the fashionable outfits we sport... yesterday i couldn't stop laughing at chris... she was rocking the black capris, black socks, and white sneakers. it was so cold this morning that i was wearing a tank top, t shirt, long sleeve t shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and fleece vest... and i was still cold! we really don't have to worry about getting kidnapped, that's for sure... the sight of us would scare off anyone!

well, we are going to keep it up... it's not only exercise, it's also a nosy person's dream! we are getting good scoop on the doings of our neighbors... not to mention the fashion show. ha! we thoroughly amuse ourselves...

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Silly Mommy said...

I found your blog through Dooce's website (your comment was above mine) and occasionally I'll check out what others have going in their seperate and unrelated lives.

I just couldn't help but comment on your post because I foud it hilarious, particularly about the weight. My son is nearing 10 months old and I weight just a few pounds under from when he was born. A few friends and family members have commented on how I look like I've lost weight, but secretly I'm thinking, "Yeah, it's just because now my body has a shape other than round and pregnant!"

Anyway, it put a smile on my face! :-D

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