Friday, October 10, 2008

my anniversary

so i guess it's not MY anniversary, it's OUR anniversary... we will be celebrating by going out to dinner, and spending a night at a bed and breakfast. i'm so excited to actually sleep a night without one of my kids coming in and asking me a million questions. more importantly, i will be so happy to not be woken up at 6 am with a dirt bike on my face! so anyhoo, i got this really cute turquoise shirt and matching necklace to wear to dinner. of course this meant that i needed to make myself a new purse to match!

so here it is... a cute cotton floral on the outside, with a quilted cotton lining. i'm really diggin this fabric!
then, for my inside pockets, i made 3. a big one on one side, a smaller one on the other side, and a cute little pen pocket. i decided to start making a pen pocket in there because i am sick of searching in my purse for the pen that sits at the bottom of my purse. i have to say, i love this new bag.

now i REALLY need to start making purses and bags for OTHER PEOPLE!!! ugh! i will try to work on it this weekend! :) happy fall fest ya'll!

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