Monday, October 27, 2008

exercise next week???

so i never got the basement cleaned this weekend. BUT the halloween costumes for clay and i are in the process! saturday afternoon clay and i set out to tackle party city in search of a costume for clay. well, there were a TON of people in the store and clay bugged out a little. he didn't want ANY costume, and he just wanted to leave. as we ate lunch, we discussed other options... and came up with a mummy. now, i really wanted to find him a costume that i didn't have to make... carter is wearing a giraffe costume that my mom made for my nephews a few years ago, and i was loving the idea of not having to make clay's this year too. no such luck. so we headed to joann's and then the mall. we got 10 yards of cheesecloth at joann's and a white turtleneck and sweatpants at the mall. now i just need to find a white hat...

as for my own costume... let's see if you can guess. i will wear black capri pants, a white button down shirt, red lipstick, and a black wig cut like a bob with bangs. i will give you 2 clues. 1. it's from a movie and 2. the movie involves a (kind of) famous dance scene. now i know what you're thinking... dancing??? it's not what you think. guess will ya? leave me a comment guessing my costume. you won't win a prize or anything, it will just entertain me! :)
oh yeah, that picture above... that was clay's super cool outfit he wore yesterday to hang out and *watch the bills game. i just found it funny... camo shorts, a maroon sweatshirt, a camo vest (that is reversible orange) and his barn boots... he gets his fashion sense from his dad.
and a little props for my brother in law dave... this is his first year hunting, and he got this button buck with the bow. i'm very proud of him! he says from now on he will only shoot a "trophy buck" :)

*ok, so we didn't really "watch" the game... we ate. bread dip, taco dip, and the most fabulous crab legs ever! :)


Anonymous said...

Pulp Fiction?

Mrs. Mia Wallace

Anonymous said...

you need a syringe in your chest

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