Tuesday, October 28, 2008

why is 97% of everything that happens in my life chaotic???

so eveything started out great... clay and carter were helping dig out the guts of the pumpkin and everyone was loving life.i went to work on our pumpkin... a silly face, a spider and a bat. all was great in the stead household.and then we put the (fake, battery operated) candle in and turned off all the lights... and carter started crying. by no means is he afraid of the dark, if that's what you're thinking. he just took one look at the pumpkin and started crying... hard! i'm not sure what the issue was... and clay must have found it amusing because he kept saying "look at the pumpkin carter! look!" and carter just cried louder and harder. i don't get it...

so here it is... our pumpkin and my crazy (shirtless) kids!

***FYI- an anonymous commenter guessed correctly... i'm rockin the pulp fiction costume. and by the way, i look SO FLIPPIN CREEPY with black hair! good call commenter! nice work! :)

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