Thursday, October 2, 2008

laptop bag!!!

so i'm super excited about the bag i made last night! all day long at school, i go from class to class with my students. i have no classroom of my own, or even a desk to call my own... therefore i carry all of my crap with me everywhere i go. i don't know about anyone else, but i don't travel lightly... i carry a TON of stuff with me, just in case i need it. crap in my bag includes my (school provided) laptop. the school also provides a (horrendously ugly and boring) carrying case for this laptop. the case does not provide ample room for my other stuff (like my snickers bars, baby wipes, multi-colored pens, and notebooks) so i have been struggling. and ps, i work in a high school... just picture me with my heavy, awkward bags trying to get from class to class down the hallways, which are full of children who are 2-3 times my size! it's not pretty! well i will struggle no longer!
now i have a sweet new bag! it's lined with a thicker, quilted cotton... the shoulder straps are padded (to comfort my delicate little shoulders), and it has 2 nice, big pockets to store my candy bars... i mean pens :)
a magnetic snap keeps it closed... by the way, i have had this fabric for quite a while now. i have been hemming and hawing over what to make out of it... because i love it. i think this was a good choice!

on another note... clay lost ANOTHER tooth last night! if his teeth don't start staying in his mouth, i'm going to be broke!
and here is how weird my kid is(he gets it from his dad i think!)... he decided that he didn't want to put his tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy last night. so he dumped out what was left of the mouthwash, "cleaned" the bottle out, put his tooth in, and filled it with some water so his tooth wouldn't "dry out". yeah, i have no idea why... i asked him a few times for his reasoning, and he really had none. so i went with it. he was amazed this morning when the tooth was gone from the bottle and there was $1 under the bottle for him. i'm kind of afraid of what he will come up with next!

well folks, (and by folks, i mean tina and vicki... because i'm pretty sure those are the only people that read this blog) i am happy to report that i have finally listed 2 bags on etsy... we will see how it goes. for now, i have some serious sewing to do... i'm hoping to do 5 bags a week. christmas is coming and hopefully someone out there will like my stuff enough to give it away to someone (and not someone they dislike!) ta ta for now! :)

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paperhill said...

i love the bag, it looks great! i found you thru hollyhocks :) have a great week!

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