Monday, September 29, 2008

ok... this is a 2 part-er

so is it bad that i'm a just a titch amused by this??? as i was walking out of school today, i received a phone call from clay's school. it was clay's teacher that was calling to tell me that clay got into trouble, not only in gym... i mean phys ed... but in the classroom as well. he won't stop making motor noises in the gym... now let me tell you, his motor noises are enough to make you want to rip out your ear drums. i was not happy to hear this... we JUST got him to stop making those noises in the regular classroom!!!
but then the REAL issue came out. clay said some bad words in class today. he said the "f" word and the "sh" word. now this is not what i was amused by, by ANY means... frankly i'm FURIOUS about this. i do take a good amount of the blame, seeing as how i have a bit of a potty mouth... but he's not stupid. he knows better.
anyhoo, other than being grounded for a week (which is an ETERNITY for a little boy who is 6 1/2!) he was instructed to write letters of apology.

the brown note is to the gym... sorry, phys ed teacher- "i am sorry for making motor noises. i will never do it again." the red and green is for his teacher- "i am sorry that i said swears. i will never do it again." underneath is a stack of letters to all the kids sitting at his table when he decided to blurt out his obscenities...
it wasn't until he went to bed that i saw this... i think it's OUR letter of apology perhaps. not only did he make it, but he hung it on the fridge for all to see- "i am a bad boy."

now don't get me wrong... i am VERY upset that he is getting in trouble in school, and that he has such a trash mouth. what i found amusing was his "bad boy" picture that he made and inconspicuously hung on the fridge.

now, for part 2- i made 2 bags tonight!

first we have a care bears bag... lined with muslin
with a nice sized inside pocket
and then a super cute sparkly princess bag...
the tiaras actually have some subtle sparkles on them...

i have a bunch of stuff cut out and ready to put together... these 2 bags were sewn together in a little over an hour all together. now i just need to keep it up and make a few every night! i think that's it for now... :D

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