Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a 2 year old on a quad??? am i crazy?

so carter's birthday gift from us (or should i say his re-gift from us, since technically it was originally bought for clay) is the quad. clay was 2 1/2 when we bought the quad brand new from the dealer. they looked at us like we were NUTS!!! now those of you who are saying "well letting a baby drive a quad like that IS nuts!" just relax... there is a control on the quad that makes it go slower than those (lame) battery operated cars. and just think, we can make it go faster as he gets older! anyhoo, he LOVES the quad... unfortunately his new helmet is a titch too big, so until we get him the right size he is rockin a bike helmet.

i'm not sure what makes this clip funnier... carter driving, the sight of gerry riding on the back, or clay running next to them in his dirt bike helmet. boys are such strange creatures!

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