Sunday, September 7, 2008

miracles DO happen!

so i actually did some sewing today! gasp! it's a miracle! and i will tell you what, as i sat there stitching away, i remembered how much fun it is. it's very relaxing (sort of) and mind erasing. i sat there, watching the *mtv vma's and making the bag that i was supposed to make a month ago for gerry's little cousin's birthday gift. oops! sorry lex!

i love this denim i used... and i added a little pleat type thing in the front which i think is pretty cute. the denim has a little stretch to it and is softer and not as tough as regular denim... BUT it seems as though i should have washed it first...

hopefully this has now inspired me to get sewing again... i have LOTS to do! :)

*i have to say, that i am thoroughly enjoying this year's awards... i am finding lil wayne strangely attractive... and t.i.? forget about it!!! ;)

for those of you unsure of who in the world i'm talking about (yeah tina, i'm talking to you!)

this is lil wayne (i think it's the tattoos that get me!)

and this is t.i.

1 comment:

tina said...

Ewe, ewe, ewe! I mean, nice but not my taste. :)
You were right in that I did not know who either of them were. I still can't figure you out. Heehee..
Congrats on the bag! Nice to see you back in the game.

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