Sunday, September 28, 2008

you mean we AREN'T 17 any more???

so i have 2 words for you... girl's night!!! yeah, that's right... all of the boys in my house (with the exception of good ole tucker- my cat) headed to the southern tier for the weekend. i actually considered joining them for a second... then i came to my senses! "no, no... you guys go... i'll stay here... i can get some cleaning done..." YEAH RIGHT! as soon as i heard they would be gone i fired out the emails and texts to all my ladies. we have our annual girl's weekend coming up in february... we needed some practice!
barber and laura decided to smoke some cigars... seriously girls? cigars???
mindy is not a typical attendee of these girl's night/weekend functions... i was afraid that we might scar her for life. (not really) surprisingly enough, she not only handled us, but she added to us as well! (not sure if that's a compliment toward her or not!)
laura became a little "sleepy" as the night went on...
and then there is the best game EVER... it's called "how much crap can we pile on laura as she sleeps without either (a) peeing our pants laughing or (b) waking her up". i'm telling you, if you ever have the chance to play, DO IT!!!

my goodness do i LOVE my girls... on another note, i went to joann's today. uh, yeah... i got some REALLY cute stuff! i'm excited to get at my sewing machine again! it's getting to be that time of the year when people start (psychotically) xmas shopping... i want to be ready! :)

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