Monday, September 22, 2008

another year...

so we celebrated carter's 2nd birthday on sunday... his actual birthday was thursday. he is in LOVE with mickey mouse clubhouse... hence the cake. he is also in LOVE with the cake... as i type this, he is looking at the picture on my screen, touching the screen, then licking his fingers and saying "mmm mom!" oh yeah, and he and i both enjoyed it again for breakfast this morning!
after an almost catastrophe (one of my bags of party stuff got left at party city... i almost cried. then my brother picked it up on his way to my house and all was well with the universe) the party was great! it was typical family chaos... we are a really loud bunch of people! jen actually thanked me for letting her finally experience one of the family parties she hears so much about! we may have finally completely frightened our neighbors though...
i decided to add a video clip because 1. i have never done one before and wanted to try it. and 2. it will give you a taste of the chaos that i call my family...

and then there are his gifts... a dirt bike/snowmobile helmet is a normal gift for a 2 year old right???there was a plethora of other toys... trucks with trailers, quad toys, play dough, tractor toys etc.
then there was jen and heffay's toy... a dirt bike that makes dirt bike noises. i told jen that this would be what woke me up this morning... she thought i was kidding. i wasn't. i woke up this morning to this dirt bike toy being revved up on my left cheek. boys... such interesting creatures!

we had so much fun yesterday at carter's party... thanks to everyone for everything! i am home with him today (i must have gotten a little "sick" from all the cleaning and preparing i did this weekend!)

now i need to get myself back into sewing again (i say that a lot don't i?) but for now, we have dirt bikes to play with...

as i was sweeping/mopping the kitchen floor, carter was VERY quiet in the living room. he had been playing very quietly with his new presents so i didn't really think much of it. then the smell hit me. i guess he's on his way to start potty training because he took his diaper off BEFORE pooping... but he pooped all over the floor. as if that were not enough, he then decided to smear the poop ALL OVER MY LEATHER COUCHES!!! did i mention i just had my carpets cleaned on saturday???
let me just say that i'm so glad i took today off to hang out with him (sarcasm).

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