Monday, September 22, 2008

the cutest gift for a kid EVER!!!

so carter's gift from my mom and my sister's family was a massive gift certificate for build a bear. for those of you who have never been to build a bear, let me just say, WHY DIDN'T I COME UP WITH THAT IDEA!!! it's so damn clever... you pick an animal body, stuff it, and dress it. sounds simple enough right? well let me tell you that they have every kind of outfit you could want, as well as every accessory you could possibly want to go with it. it's an indecisive person's worst nightmare!!! if you have never checked it out, i suggest doing so.

choosing the animal was simple enough... carter wanted the monkey. i showed him all the bears, dogs, elephant, turtle, and bunny that they had. he LOVED the monkey! stuffing it was cute, carter had the hand pump that operates the stuffing machine...
the lady did all these cute things with him... you pick out a heart to go in the monkey. carter then rubbed the heart on his ears so the monkey will always listen, on his tummy so he will never go hungry, on his knees so the monkey will always know if he "kneeds" him etc. super cute. then he stuffed the heart in and she sewed it up.
he named his monkey "ahh ahh". ok, so i'm not sure if he really understood the concept of "naming" the monkey. when i asked him what he wanted the monkey's name to be he smiled and said "ahh ahh" aka, his monkey noise.
can you believe i actually found a motocross outfit for it? like i said, they have EVERYTHING!!!
we made ahh ahh's birth certificate and off we went with ahh ahh safely in his "condo"
on the way home carter showed ahh ahh his new dirt bike toy (i could choke you jen!) i now LOVE build a bear and will be back again... especially since i still have a chunk of money left on the gift certificate! maybe ahh ahh will get a halloween costume!


Vicki said...

I know what you mean about build-a-bear. Now I have an excuse to go!!!!

Sloane said...
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