Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i'm so greedy

so i actually accomplished another bag last night! ok, ok, so i made it for my big fat selfish self... but anyhoo, i still made something right? my machine was sounding a little overworked going through all that denim, but she pulled through like a champ!

not too much else to say! school is back in session and is STARTING to get into the routine of things... clay is a big 1st grader, and his teacher has reported that he has been awesome!!! i'm so glad... he's been a titch mouthy lately. i think he gets it from his father! ;) does anyone out there have any good back to school stories? is anyone out there actually reading this blog?

well folks, i'm gonna keep on keepin on... i have a lot of sewing planned for this weekend... let's see if it happens!
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